how can I prove the matrix `[[0, 2], [1 ,-4],[2 ,4]]`

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how can I prove the matrix `[[0, 2], [1 ,-4],[2 ,4]]`

Postby barnamah » Mon 04 April, 2011 20:37

How can I prove that matrix `w=[[0, 2], [1 ,-4],[2 ,4]]` has no inverse
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Re: how can I prove the matrix `w=[[0, 2], [1 ,-4],[2 ,4]]`

Postby Integr88 » Mon 04 April, 2011 20:47

to find the inverse of a matrix, it must be square.
the reason it must be square is that in order to get the inverse `w=[[0, 2], [1 ,-4],[2 ,4]]` we have get the determinant of w which is `|w|` and in order to get the determinant of a matrix for example
`A=[[a , b],[c,d]]`
we can't do this to w because w is not square.
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