Electric Field Problem?

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Electric Field Problem?

Postby Kaka » Sat 19 March, 2011 18:39

What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field at a point midway between a -8.0 μC and a +7.0μC charge 8.0cm apart? Assume no other charge are near by.
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Re: Electric Field Problem?

Postby ChangBroot » Sat 19 March, 2011 18:52

The formula is as follows, given `Q1 = -8.0*10^-6 C`, `Q2 = +7.0*10^-6 C`, d = 8cm = 0.08m, `k = (8.988*10^9 N*m)/C`

E = E1 + E2

`E = (k*Q1) / (d/2)^2 + (k*Q2 )/ (d/2)^2` ..... Sub values or factor and then sub values

`E = ((4k)/(d^2))(Q1 + Q2)`

`E = (4(8.988*10^9 N*m/C)/(0.08m)^2)(-8.0*10^-6 C + 7.0*10^-6 C)`

`E = 8.4*10^7 N/C'

Hope this helps.
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