converting between RMS and Peak voltages

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converting between RMS and Peak voltages

Postby barnamah » Tue 22 March, 2011 16:07

How to convert RMS voltage to Peak voltage and convert Peak voltage to RMS?
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Re: converting between RMS and Peak voltages

Postby Integr88 » Tue 22 March, 2011 16:19

To convert from RMS to peak voltage use `V_(rms)=(V_(peak)/sqrt2)`
Example: if you measure a voltage using oscilloscope to be 10vp to convert it, use the formuls `V_(rms)=(V_(peak)/sqrt2)` and sub in the values:

To convert from Peak voltage to RMS use `V_(peak)=V_(rms)sqrt2`
Convert for example your home voltage you measured using a multimeter to be 120vrms, to peak voltage use the formula above `V_(peak)=V_(rms)sqrt2`and sub in the values:

RMS mean Root mean square.

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