simplifying radicals

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simplifying radicals

Postby admin » Thu 24 March, 2011 21:40

Some radicals can be written in a form that they can be either added or subtracted. This new form or simplifying is a method to achieve that.

when we have `(15sqrt6)/(3sqrt3)` it can be written as `15/3*sqrt6/sqrt3`
Now simplify `15/3=5` so we can write our radical as `5sqrt6/sqrt3` or simpler `5sqrt((6/3))`
Then `6/3=2`, therefore you can write it as `5sqrt2`.

1-to simplify `sqrt20` we can write it as:


`sqrt4*sqrt5/sqrt5` because `sqrt5/sqrt5=1` so we have `sqrt4*1=sqrt4=2`
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