how to find the inverse of a function

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how to find the inverse of a function

Postby barnamah » Thu 31 March, 2011 16:37

how to find the inverse of a function for example `f(x)=4x - (3/-4)`?

f(x) is alway refer to a function for example y. so I'll use f(x)=y

First we have to see if we can simplify the equation `y=4x - (3/-4)` and we have - at the denominator so we have `y=4x +3/4`

Solve for x by subtracting `-3/4` from both side

now we want to get rid of 4 beside x so we divide both side by 4
`(y-3/4)/4=(4x)/4` and 4 on the right cancels out and we have:

let's rewrite it as `x=(y-3/4)/4` and simplify it.

4 is common for both terms and we can rewrite it as `x=y/4-(3/4)/4` . Now the `(3/4)/4` can be written as `3/4-:4=3/4*1/4=(3(1))/((4)(4))=3/16` we write our equation
Now simply switch x and y and our equation is inversed:
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