factor `32u^3-2u^3x^4`

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factor `32u^3-2u^3x^4`

Postby Galaxy » Thu 14 April, 2011 15:44

can any one factor this `32u^3-2u^3x^4` completely?
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Re: factor `32u^3-2u^3x^4`

Postby Integr88 » Thu 14 April, 2011 15:49

to factor `32u^3-2u^3x^4`
firs factor `u^3` because it is in both terms and we have 32 in first therm and 2 on the second so we can have 2 as common factor so use `2u^3` as factor and we have:

Now `16-x^4` can be difference of square meaning it can be factored as `(4-x^2)(4+x^2)` so we write:

now for `4-x^2` is also difference of square so we can write it as `(2-x)(2+x)` now writing this we have:
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