Commision calculation

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Commision calculation

Postby barnamah » Mon 28 March, 2011 20:46

Math question help please?
i know how to calculate the commission on sales, but this question is doing the opposite and I don't know how to do it "Jason's gross pay for August is $3296.97on sales totaling $151 342. If his base salary is $1500 per month, what is his rate of commission on sales exceeding his monthly quota of $100 000?"
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Re: Commision calculation

Postby Integr88 » Mon 28 March, 2011 20:57

His August earning is $3296.97 on sales totaling $151 342. Because his base salary is $15000 and he gets commission on sales over $100 000

`3296.97-15000=1796.97` so his commission is $1796.97

he has sales ov $151342 exceeding $100000 so ha is getting commission on 151342-100 000=51342

Now we know he got $1796.79 commission and $51342 sales. We can find the percent:

`51342/(100%)=1796.79/(x%)` now we can solve for `x`

by cross multiplication we have:

divide both side by 51342
`(x51342)/51342=179697/51342` and we have:

`:.` Jason's commission is 3.5%.
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